Our facilities at Hafan Pwllheli are cleaned on a regular basis.


I have every confidence that the work (outside company) is undertaken in accordance with the standards expected at such a facility. Our staff undertake additional work as and when necessary.


During my visit last Thursday I inspected all facilities and I was satisfied with the standard of cleanliness.


There is a duty of care upon all users of facilities that are in multi use. If marina berth holders use the facilities then it is expected that they follow guidelines appertaining to personal hygiene.


The wearing of facemasks and washing of hands is a basic requirement. We would expect all citizens to adhere to such basic measures in order to minimise the spread of C-19.


PMBHA comment:

"PMBHA had informed Barry Davies that it understands there has been some sharing of access codes on social media. Barry's response in red."

Maritime Officers response as part of this letter:

If the facilities Security Code is circulating on social media then I would be grateful if a screenshot can be taken of this event and that the screenshot be forwarded to me for action.


We are monitoring the National and local situation regarding C-19 regularly. At present there are no indications that we will be required to restrict access to the marina.


For information, Wil remains absent from work and I do not anticipate his return until the end of November.

PMBHA comment:

"PMBHA sends Wil its best wishes for a speedy recovery and return to work."

Cofion gorau,




Swyddog Morwrol

Maritime Officer


01758 704066

07831 212264