Information received from Cyngor Gwynedd's
Maritime Office

"Please find below a copy of recent communication received from the UKHMA drawing attention to HSE Enforcement Action against a Harbour Authority.


We have instructed staff to ensure that no electrical cables are extended across walkways on our pontoons, wharfs, quaysides, slipways, footways etc. Staff will be purchasing cable covers for Council use in order to ensure that the Council is not in breach of any HSE regulation appertaining to this matter.


I would be most grateful if you could advise Members of your association of this requirement and to draw attention to berth holders of the requirement to provide a cable cover when using electrical cables and to ensure ensure that any electrical cable crossing a walkway in encased in a suitable cable cover."

"Please note the below information received from the Harbour Master for Torbay.

Torbay Council / Harbour Authority has been issued a Notice of Contravention because a HSE inspector sighted an electrical cable laid across a pontoon between an electrical outlet and a berthed vessel.  The Letter states that this was an “identified contravention of health and safety law.”

Since such trailing cables are almost ubiquitous, the Harbourmaster would be grateful if the UKHMA could bring this to the attention of other ports and harbours so that they do not similarly attract the ire of the HSE.

Torbay's solution has been to mandate the use of rubber “cable covers” in all cases where a cable has to cross a walkway."