Happy New Year to you all. Many thanks for your continued PMBHA membership.

The start of a new decade but looking back over my last 2 Newsletters little has changed. Again last years weather was mixed, though generally warm, which produced some good sailing and continued cruising by the Friends of Marina cruising group who helped berth holders to explore more distant sailing areas and marinas.

The Harbour Entrance has still not been adequately dredged, due to issues largely out of the control of the Harbour Office. The Consultants report on the future direction of the Harbour and Marina is still not published though it has been submitted.

The Pwllheli Harbour and Marina Strategy Consultant’s Report was presented to Gwynedd Maritime Officers with the recommendation that private enterprise is involved in the future, either through partnership or some form of leasing.  Llyr Jones from Gynedd Council’s Maritime Unit, published his summary of the Report but made it clear that Gwynedd Council would make the final decision.  (The report summary is available on Gwynedd Council’s website together with a video of the Scrutiny Committee meeting to which the Summary was presented.  *See below for details on how to access this information.)

There are still a number of important issues to be discussed by the Council and clarification is required on a number of issues. The PMBHA Committee is active in ensuring any ownership/operation changes are to the benefit of Berth holders and Harbour users. The PMBHA have promoted the Members wishes that on-shore leisure facilities are very important to the success of any Harbour and this has been accepted in principle.

The ability for the Harbour and Marina to be regularly dredged in a cost effective manner is vital, whoever owns the facility. Disposal of the material is the key and we are still awaiting the trial of pumping the material onto Glandon/Aberech beaches. It is claimed that Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is the delaying factor in this trial and also the delay in building the Groyn near the entrance.  It is hoped that both these projects will be resolved and commenced, early in 2020.

The good news is that the increase in the 2020/2021 Berthing and other charges will be 2%. Payment in instalments (10) by Direct Debit will no longer incur any extra charge. Your Committee has spent several years getting this charge gradually reduced from 8% and are sure it will help many Berth holders to spread their berthing costs.

It is planned to commence a refurbishment of the Ladies toilet and  shower block in early 2020. I would like to thank the lady members of your Committee who have been instrumental in getting these improvements approved.

The AGM is again to be held on the Easter Saturday, hopefully at Plas Heli. The Maritime Office will again be asked to address Members at the Q and A session following the formal meeting.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the meeting, if you would like any particular issue to be discussed, please advise me.

David Dewsbury     

Chairman PMBHA




*How to access the report summary: Open the internet link below.


Go to Agenda item 5 and download the PDF file that is offered.  This is the summary report. The Video of the meeting at which this report was presented is also offered under Agenda item 5 and can be accessed by clicking on bullet point “Webcast for 5”.  Or click directly on the link below and select your preferred language Welsh/English in top right hand corner.