The Sun God did at last shine on Pwllheli and provided some wonderful sunny boating, however he did extract a penalty through several big storms. These had a detrimental effect on the depth of water in the entrance, approach channel and marina basin through the deposit of large volumes of sand, gravel and silt. (More on this below).


For the second year running your Committee received no complaints from members and relationships with the Maritime Management at all levels have remained very good. The PMBHA Committee has been consulted and been involved with the future planning of the Pwllheli Harbour and Marina. The total budget expenditure for the marina, dredging and the surrounding harbour is expected to total £500,000 in the next 12 months and may prove to be extremely challenging for Gwynedd Council. The following years are likely to be even more difficult as the options to dispose of the fine dredged material within the harbour will be reduced. (Again more information on the dredging is provided below).


I would like to thank the Committee and Members who organised and took part in the successful Pwllheli South beach (Marian y De) clean up earlier in the season. I would also like to thank Gwynedd Maritime Officers, Keep Wales Tidy and the RNLI for their help and support. Other organisations and individuals also took up the challenge and organised their own clean up on neighbouring beaches. Clean seas and beaches are so important to our maritime environment and boating experience and I would like this clean up to become an annual event. Details will be published on our website when a date has been fixed.




You will recently have received notice of the new berthing and mooring fees. These fees have been increased by an average of 3% in line with the Maritime Unit's projected inflation figures. The PMBHA Committee has campaigned for many years for the fees to be set by the Autumn of the previous year and we are pleased that the Marina has now introduced this method.




The take up of moorings in the Harbour showed a slight increase whilst the take up of berths in the Marina decreased slightly.


These numbers seem to follow the trend seen in most of the UK and European marinas. Gwynedd Council recognises that Pwllheli town needs to provide the right "on shore" facilities which modern boaters now demand.


The PMBHA has been engaged in a project together with Gwynedd Council to try to shape the future of the Pwllheli Harbour area. (see link below) and the project now moves to Phase 2.




An extensive dredging programme which commenced in early December with the emptying of the storage bund of some 2000 cu.mtrs onto the surrounding land will continue into 2019. The rebuilding of the Groin near the channel entrance is planned for later in 2019.


Following the 2018 storms a recent hydro-graphic survey revealed that c.60,000 cu.mtrs of sand and silt material in excess of the design levels is now lying in the approach channel and basins.  It is anticipated that 20,000 cu.mtrs of this fine material will be put in the storage bund.  Consideration is being given to the remaining 40,000 cu.mtrs. 


The normal storage area for the material dredged from the entrance is full. However, plans are in place for 50% of this stockpiled material to be taken to Abererch beach to help with flood protection. The remaining 50% will be held ready to protect other parts of the Pwllheli coastline.


A further c.60,000 cu.mtrs of course material is estimated to be in the entrance. The annual dredge of the entrance in 2019 will take place early in the season but it is planned to pump this course material onto the nearby Glandon beach for natural disbursement onto Aberech and Glandon beaches. A method the PMBHA Committee has been suggesting for years.


The dredging of the basins will not remove all the excess material from under all of the berths. If any berth holder is experiencing any problems, you should contact the Hafan Office and request a different berth. They will do their best to provide an alternative location.


On behalf of your Committee I would like to thank you all for your PMBHA membership and continued support. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and A Happy Boating New Year.


Dave Dewsbury

Chairman PMBHA