Update Received from Barry Davies on 11 September 2019

Given the continued (daily) settlement of sand and gravels at the harbour entrance it was decided to undertake trial dredging works in this area targeting the accumulation of material that has been deposited at mid tide level.


The work commenced on Monday (9/9/19) and is progressing well.

We are placing the material on the harbour side of the stockpile extending the harbour side line of the stockpile to MHWST. After this campaign we will not have any further capacity in the stockpile and consideration must be given to disposal methods for the sand and gravels.

If the work is completed before Friday (13/9/19) (removal of 5K cube ) it is our intention to possibly commission a further two days of dredging.

The size of the stones and boulders in a deeper layer of the material at the harbour entrance is a cause of concern. These larger stones would have a detrimental effect on a cutter suction dredger.