As you may be aware, Cyngor Gwynedd has temporarily delayed the processing of invoices whilst reviewing what should happen with fees given the Covid-19 lockdown.


We know this review has been taking place and have been asked for our opinions on several issues and we hope they found our responses helpful.


We believe that the Council's deliberations will conclude shortly and once these are ratified by the Council you should be hearing from them.  We also know as previously advised to you that a number of other initiatives are being planned and will be of benefit to Berth holders.  You should also be hearing about these in the next few days.  The Council is determined to keep the Hafan and Pwllheli Harbour as an attractive place to keep your boats.


We hope that the new structure of fees will look something like the following but we cannot of course guarantee this! (we offer no comment on the fee structures for the private yards as we have not been involved with any of them) :


  • April 2020-PMBHA has requested no charge.  Gwynedd Council might consider this approach or apply Winter rates.

  • For the remainder of 2020/21 the fees will be at the Winter rate (70% of the Summer rate) until such a time as the Covid-19 lockdown ends.

  • Berth holders who were paid up Marina Berth holders from 1st of April 2020 will not have to pay additional charges for hardstanding charges for the period prior to launching the vessel.

  • 2021/22 A Loyalty bonus of 15% off mooring fees for those Berth holders who have stayed with the Hafan on the Marina for the whole of 2020/21.


We do hope that something like this will be announced shortly and that we all get some enjoyable boating this year.


Best regards.



Dave Dewsbury