Present: Dave Dewsbury (DD Chairman), Jan Ranner (JR Secretary), David Bayly (BB Treasurer), Paul Langford (PL), Nan Langford (NL), Bohdan Borzykowsky (BB), Ruth James (RJ), Malcolm Mackley (MM), Heather Thistleton (HT),

Alan Jones (AJ), Phil Ranner (PR).

Cyngor Gwynedd Council Maritime Unit Barry Davies (BD) and Llyr B Jones (LBJ)

Apologies were received from Sarah & Paul Collins


1.         Chairman's review of 2018/19

            DD gave his annual review to the meeting. This review can be found on our website see "Newsletter March                2019".


2.         Passing of Association's Accounts

            The Treasurer presented the accounts.  These were proposed by DD, seconded by PL and agreed by the                  meeting.


3.         Election of the Officers

            The Chairman advised the meeting that DB was retiring from the post of   Treasurer and proposed that (PR)                be moved into the position of Treasurer.  Proposed by NL and seconded by Angie Bayly. DD proposed that                all other officers be elected to remain in their current posts ie: Chairman (DD), Secretary (JR).  Proposed by                  Nick Thistleton and Seconded by Mike Edwards. Agreed unanimously by those present.


4.         Election of the Committee including new members

            Agreed unanimously by the meeting as proposed by DD.


5.         Agreement of Membership fee for 2020

            Once again there will be no fees payable by berth holders.  Membership to PMBHA will be paid by Gwynedd              Council as part of each berth holders' annual berthing contract.  However, anyone who is not a current                        berth holder but has an interest in Pwllheli Hafan and Harbour, may pay an annual membership fee of £5.                    NL proposed and RJ seconded.  Agreed unanimously by those present.

                                                     ********************End of formal meeting********************


Discussion followed regarding dredging, harbour and hafan


BD reported on the dredging issues that the marina faces.  A licence for the crib groyne has been applied for and work is anticipated to start in September 2019.


It is hoped that the entrance channel silt can be pumped onto Aberech beach area however, the Council are waiting on Natural Resources Wales (NRW) internal processes to allow this to happen.


BD reported that the dredging was going well but that the Dutch dredger cannot cope with the course sand at the entrance.  He is awaiting costs from the company to deal with the entrance silt but will trial pumping onto Aberech beach, however, he advised that the beach is within the SAC areas which may cause issues with future pumping.


A member asked how long before the channel is hazardous?


A member stated that the entrance is reducing in depth 2.15m coming in is very tight.  DD said he had seen 18".


BD stated that he is aware of the narrowness and shallow depth and is working to correct the issue.


BD stated that MCA inspectorate issue safety regulations and he was very aware that he may have to issue a warning to mariners.


BD stated that price may be a contributing factor into the lack of take up of berths in the marina.


DD asked whether Direct Debit interest charges could be waived for monthly payments.  BD agreed to consider this.


The recent PMBHA survey showed a decline in the take up of berths.  BD agreed that there is a general decline of the boating industry and thanked PMBHA for providing the results of their recent survey.


DD asked BD whether Park and Launch fees could be increased as they do not provide much towards the marina budget. BD agreed to review this.


NL asked BD whether the pile moorings would be replaced.  BD stated that this would be part of the overall Review being undertaken.  There will also be some further investment and the Council are also looking at the electrics on the marina.


LBJ reported upon the future management of the marina and harbour.  They need to be managed together and the whole area of Glan-y-don and the pontoons looked at since they are 30 years old now.  Pontoons will have to be renewed.  The first stage of renewal would be at Christmas.


Member Mike Edwards asked if all aspects of the hafan/harbour would be looked at? LBJ said yes it would all be looked at. 


A member asked about Park and Launch fees paid to the Council.  LBJ said that each operator pays c.£6500 for around 150 boats per operator.


A member stated that Park and Launch boats should be charged to tie up to pontoons.  He also advised that recently a jet ski was parked on his berth.  BD said he would take this up with the Hafan manager.


NL advised that the Park and Launch boat numbering system was not seen now.  BD said he would take it up with the marina. 


A member advised the meeting that when he was on Park and Launch he never had a licence number on his boat. 


A member asked whether boat insurance was compulsory.  BD stated that legally boats have to be insured but that insurance certificates are not asked for anymore as to do so would place liability for their suitability on the Marina. But they are required to be in place.


RJ asked whether Park and Launch boat owners actually know what they are doing?  BD stated that no one asks and no checks are made regarding insurance.


BD stated that he has listened and taken on a clear message.  NL suggested a form be given to Park and Launch boaters before they take their boat out.


Member Mike Edwards asked BD whether it was realistic that dredging take place mid September onwards.  BD replied yes it is on schedule.


A member stated that recent bad behaviour by fishermen moored up in the hoist area was a cause of concern.  BD said that was unacceptable and would take up this matter with the harbour master.


A member advised BD and LBJ that the maintenance of the Ladies toilets was very poor.  A window had been broken for sometime despite having been reported to the marina office.  Facilities were not special they were poor and bad value for money and she feels aggrieved.  BD agreed that berthing costs are high and was disappointed that maintenance was poor.  He agreed to take this up with the marina office manager. 


NL stated that when she reported maintenance issues to the marina manager they normally got fixed. 


A member advised that the lighting on the main pontoon is still dark in areas.  BD will take this up with the Hafan manager.


Mike Edwards asked what's happening with last years Review?


LBJ advised that all issues are being addressed.  They are considering the Council's investment and want to have a welcoming environmental marina.  Small improvements are ongoing and work on the Sailing club building and car parks will be starting soon.


PL asked LBJ about the hotel development.  LBJ replied that there is interest but nothing more yet.


A member told LBJ that as no improvements have taken place since last year he is thinking of taking his boat to Europe.


PL advised that the depth marker at the entrance needs cleaning. He has been advised that it is a Hafan policy not to clean until someone complains.  PL said most of the time its dirty.  BD replied that he was embarrassed and that some serious issues will be taken up next week with the Harbour staff.


RJ wished that it be mentioned in the Minutes that the PMBHA Committee work very hard on behalf of the berth holders.


HT asked whether there were any volunteers for the Litter Pick taking place in May and told the members the arrangements for the day.  


DD thanked everyone for attending the meeting.