On 24 March 2020 we asked the Maritime Unit for some clarification on the Hafan Lockdown.  The Maritime Officers response today is shown in Red.





Following your email notification regarding the lockdown/closure of the Hafan and after careful consideration, the PMBHA sets out below areas which will require some clarification so that we can best advise our members and also highlights some issues which we believe need consideration.




1. Closure of  Leisure Activities/Facilities


Does this also refer to the Harbour? Yes the harbour is included


Will any facilities be available for PMBHA members in Plas Heli?

This is not within our area of responsibility. I would trust that Plas Heli is closed in accordance with Government requirements

Your letters refer directly to the Hafan and cessation of leisure activities.              Given the Government guidelines does this ban extend to the whole harbour including the trots? Yes


You do not mention how vessels arriving from sea will be handled.  In             principle, there should be none except emergencies or vessels that were at sea before the Government issued its guidelines.  Will an arriving vessel be allowed, together with its crew to remain in the harbour or on the marina? Will its crew be required to leave?  What will happen about toilets/shower facilities in this case? 

We will have to accommodate vessels entering from sea. There are no powers at present to refuse entry. There is no requirement for the harbour authority to provide shore facilities.


Will vessels be allowed to leave to go elsewhere. Or is there a total ban on boat movements?

We will not encourage or allow any movement of pleasure craft at this stage.


Concerning the closure of slipways, will the closure extend to commercial and      private slipways? If not, how will this be "policed"?

The slipway is closed to all traffic.


Are all beach car parks closed or only Cyngor Gwynedd controlled?

It is difficult to define a Beach Car Park as these can be defined as multi purpose car parks. The beach at Morfa Bychan has been closed to traffic and the Machroes Car Park has also been closed.


You advised that commercial including Park and Launch will have limited use of the slipway for engine testing purposes.  I would not be happy to see this             develop into a "covert" means of launching the favoured few Park and Launch boats whilst the Berth Holders are under strict control.  I could imagine that such testing is sufficiently rare, given that P&L will not be operating, that test launches be on a case by case authorisation by the Harbourmaster.

The slipway is closed to all traffic at present. We are considering whether we will allow a vessel to be launched for the purpose of engine testing.  We shall confirm our decision in due course.


2. Survey Vessel


We understand that currently there is a Survey vessel in the area.  One of our Committee members has been in casual discussion with its crew who are not  UK nationals.  Our Committee member has advised them to contact their employer with regards to staying or leaving the area.  The Hafan Manager may wish to take on this particular issue.

We will discuss this issue with Welsh Government officer.


3. Security


Boat owners have had no time to clear their boats of valuable and personal items?  Do you think this could have an impact on the validity of insurance             policies? Boat owners are advised to check with their insurers.  We will not allow any access on to the pontoon in order for a boat owner to collect goods.


Dave Dewsbury