Pwllheli Mooring & Berth Holder's Association (PMBHA)       Data Protection Policy

PMBHA represents its members in dealings with the Hafan, Cyngor Gwynedd Maritime Unit and other appropriate bodies.  PMBHA's strength lies in the size of its membership.
This is the PMBHA policy on Data Protection. Any complaint or concern regarding this policy should be addressed to The Chairman, PMBHA via email at:          

Each Member has the opportunity to provide PMBHA with their email address/es.  It is permissible for more than one email address to be provided in instances where there are multiple owners/crew wishing to receive information.  PMBHA will only store email addresses and not names, addresses or any other information. 
To provide PMBHA with an email address, send an email from the address that is to be added to stating "Opt in" in the subject line.
Email details will never be passed to a third party or disclosed outside the PMBHA Committee.
Email addresses will be held securely on a computer database managed by the Secretary of PMBHA.  It will be used for providing relevant information to members and for conducting the general business of PMBHA. If a member decides not to provide an email address then the member will not receive any direct communication from PMBHA. However, latest information regarding the Association can be obtained via the website:
Email addresses will be retained for the life of the Organisation or until a berth holder requests the address be removed.  If a berth holder no longer wishes their email information to be held by PMBHA they can opt out by sending an email to and stating "Opt out" in the subject line.  The email address in question will then be promptly deleted from the PMBHA database.  It is essential that this email is sent from the email account the member wishes to be deleted.