During the C-19 crisis Hafan Pwllheli the Outer Harbour and associated hardstanding is closed for access by all Berth Holders.


It could be beneficial if some work on boats were possible during the lockdown to minimise deterioration of vessels, comfort owners regarding the safekeeping of their asset and also to shorten any "queues" for work when the lockdown is lifted.  Also, early preparation work would allow Berth Holders to get back on the water as early as possible giving them better value for money and reinforcing that "Pwllheli is the place

to be".


The Hafan has already indicated via PMBHA that it is willing and happy to assist owners with specific problems where possible and has also indicated its agreement to undertake inspections of boats both externally and also internally by request.


The discussion below looks at widening the scope of the assistance for the benefits mentioned above.




There is concern that when the lockdown is lifted there may be a rush for owners to lift their boats out in order to undertake necessary works and then re-launch.  This may happen at the same time as the lifting out of boats to be sold and the launching of boats for use.


Cyngor Gwynedd has indicated that it may be considering undertaking movements during the lockdown at the request of owners.  This would help avert lengthy queues.




Typically the works that will be required will be largely cleaning and anti-fouling, and the checking and replacing of anodes as required. Other jobs of course may be necessary.


If these works could be carried out on behalf and in the absence of the owners, it may act as a catalyst to a recover, work and re-launch process beneficial to all.


Any work on a vessel will need to be undertaken by the owners appointed contractor/boatyard who is cleared by the harbour to enter the premises. The Council will need to be assured that the appointed and authorised contractor will fully comply with Government orders with regard to social distancing and health and safety.




The works above can not be undertaken by Hafan staff. Only appointed marine traders can undertake work on a vessel.  


Cyngor Gwynedd would be prepared to authorise local marine traders to work on the marina/harbour and hardstanding area as well as in privately owned yards.  This would doubtless require careful management by the Hafan such as a permit to work and location to work system in order to meet Government guidelines.


The potential conflict about who to appoint will be avoided by the owner

selecting their preferred contractor.




The possibility of a queue for recovery and launch needs to be tested amongst the Berth Holders to see if it really exists.  PMBHA is uniquely placed to carry out a survey of its Members in order to provide such data to Cyngor Gwynedd.




Cyngor Gwynedd has agreed to undertake specific support to Berth Holders. 

In order to minimise potential log-jams of recovery and launches when the lockdown is lifted, this support could be increased and possibly include local Marine Trades people with the associated benefits.  It would also reinforce "Pwllheli as the place to be".


This should be tested by a PMBHA survey in the near future.



PR/JR/DD 20/04/20 V3