2020 What a year! All Pwllheli Berth holders were affected by the Virus. Some much more than others. At the start of the pandemic the family of one Berth holder lost a much loved husband, father and friend. The boating community lost a fun loving and charismatic friend and fellow sailor. He will be sadly missed by all.  There may be more lost from the Hafan, that PMBHA is unaware of and our thoughts would also go out to their families.


Back in March the suddenness of the Lockdown cut members off from their prized boats, at a vital time as the new season approached. The subsequent loss of effective communication by the Gwynedd Maritime department and its management, compounded by the closure of all the marine traders, caused much concern and anger.

The PMBHA Committee tried to be a conduit between its Members and the Maritime Officers who were working from home. Sometimes we were successful, but at other times we felt we were mislead such as when the full Gwynedd Council failed to ratify what we believed had been proposed for implementation by the Maritime Office.


One success born from the lockdown, was the Committee's thought that Members would find it very useful to undertake hull inspections with an underwater camera before investing in a lift out.  During the lockdown Bohdan (a Committee member) investigated possible cameras and the Association has made a purchase which you will all be able to benefit from. 


We undertook an Online Questionnaire of Members to try and make the Council understand the Berth holders feelings and the likely effect on members continuing to berth at Pwllheli. I would like to thank all Members who took part and who expressed their views via the Questionnaire and by e-mail. We have copied them (anonymously) to the Gwynedd Council's senior management, but to date have not received a response.


The PMBHA Officers have all been in their position for many years, some say too long. I personally have based my boat in mainland Europe and others have moved from the Pwllheli area and/or have given up boating. Dealing with the Maritime Officers and understanding the Berth holders problems during these times really needs boat owners who are based in Pwllheli.


You will see, from the included documentation that all of PMBHA Officers and some of the current Committee members will be standing down. New candidates will be needed to continue the good work of the Association.  So please email your nominations to the Secretary as detailed in the accompanying documentation. The current Officers and Committee members will of course be offering help and advice to the new "team".  We will not be abandoning them or the Association.


I know you will give your help and support to the new "team" as you have to me and your Committee, this past 17 years.


Thank you, 









The AGM will be held on Friday 30th October 2020 by means of an on-line vote.  Due to the current regulations this is in place of a normal face to face meeting.

Please note that all the current Officers and some Committee members will not be standing for re-election.


The Association Rules require that any candidates nominated for election to Officers roles or the Committee, be notified to the Secretary at least 28 days prior to the date of the AGM meeting.  Please send your nominations, with the candidates name and proposed role, to the Secretary by 3 October 2020 via email to Email@PMBHA.CO.UK ensuring that you use your email address that is registered with the PMBHA Secretary.


Nominations are invited for the roles of:

  • Chairman

  • Vice Chairman

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Committee member


Each nomination must be accompanied by the email address of a Proposer and a Seconder.  These email addresses must be those of active Members and registered with PMBHA Secretary in order to be valid. If you have a problem with obtaining Proposers and Seconders  please contact the Secretary at Email@PMBHA.CO.UK

Nominations will be acknowledged via email.  Nominations received from a non-registered email address will be disregarded. The proposed nominations of candidates for Officers/Committee will be advised to Members on 15 October 2020 via email and posted on the website.


The Association Rules make provision for there being no nominations for the Officers' roles.  In such a case the Association would be wound up and its assets be given to an Association with similar objectives and if none exist they will be donated to the RNLI.

The on-line AGM Voting system can be found from the front page of our website under AGM Voting.  Voting can only be made once by each active Member.  Entries will be checked and any duplicates will be removed as will votes from non-registered emails.  Persons previously nominated as advised by the Secretary to Members on 15 October 2020 for the roles of Officers and Committee, will be included in the on-line voting system for potential selection.



Pwllheli Mooring and Berth Holders Association


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Accounts year 01-01-2020 to 30-10-2020



OPENING BALANCE 01/01/2020    4796


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EXPENSES                                          572  



inspection camera for

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