Dear Members,


Thank you for the interest shown in the recent survey and particular thanks to those of you who completed it.  The survey "hit" counter showed that most of you viewed it and around 1/3rd of you completed it letting us know your thoughts on your possible requirements.


We can deduce several conclusions from the data.


  • A large proportion of you have not yet decided what you wish to do and we guess may not do so until there is some clarity in the likely length of lockdown.

  • Those who indicated what they wished to do are not showing any unusual pattern and appear to be mainly carrying on as normal in terms of lifts and launches.

  • With hindsight we may have sent this survey out too early and made it a little too long and complicated which was perhaps difficult to complete given the lack of clarity in the situation.

  • However, it indicates that there is currently benefit for us all in the Hafan commencing boat movements during lockdown.  A sufficient number of you indicated that you would take advantage of the new service under consideration.  This would only help reduce any queue for when the lockdown is lifted.


We know that you are all fed up with requests for surveys and reviews but we limit ours to those which will help the Berth holders.  We may consider re-running a boat movements survey, but much shorter, in a few weeks if more clarity is received from the Government.  We hope you would also be able to give it your attention if we do so.



Finally, thank you to Cyngor Gwynedd and the Hafan for working hard on your behalf during the current crisis and continually looking for ways to do more.




Dave Dewsbury