April 2021 Newsletter

Dear PMBHA members,

 Firstly, we are very sorry to announce that we have lost one of our valued members:


Now lockdown has eased a little we are all able to get back to the marina and the weather seems to have improved for us too! It’s been great to see our boats and our friends!


Many thanks to those of you who have sent the Interim Committee emails and thank-you again to everyone who has filled in their details on the yellow sheet included in the marina contract letters. We have added everyone’s email to the distribution list. If you haven’t filled in your sheet then please do so, as we need to comply with data protection.

We have had more virtual meetings with the marina management and have put together the following brief update:

  • Dredging and depth

Barry Davies (Maritime Officer) shared the recent (Nov 2020) bathymetric survey of the marina, channel and entrance with us . We are aware the deep part of the channel is currently quite narrow and passing at some places may be difficult, so we would advise everyone to be cautious, especially at busy times.  If you think your berth in the marina is in a high spot and is causing you problems then please contact the marina staff. The Marina is to issue NOTICE TO MARINERS. 

As we have reported before, dredging of the channel will not take place until September because of COVID restrictions affecting the main contractor. Land-based plant will start to dredge the harbour entrance on April 24th. A bed leveller will also start working in May, starting at Pontoon no. 1 and working outwards, to try to establish one depth in the channel.

  • Boat keys

We think this issue is now more or less resolved for berth holders. The marina will keep keys for boat owners (if you wish them to) but berth holders will make their own arrangements with contractors. If you need any help with this just let us know.


  • Security and access to marina facilities

The current security system of cards and numbers is very old and Wil is looking to replace it with a more modern and secure system. At present, quotes are being taken and a new system is likely to start later this year. We are aware that there are sometimes non-berth holders using showers etc and “tailgating” onto the pontoons is very common. Please be aware of this when using the marina facilities and keep in mind both general and COVID security. Let’s try to ensure that only berth holders and their guests access our facilities.    


  • New marina staff

We would like to welcome all the new marina staff. Please say hello to Emma, Siwan and Osian if you see them around the marina.

Don’t forget to check out the website, all the news (and more) is there: https://www.pmbha.co.uk/

 Happy boating everyone!


Best regards,

Jenny Moss (Chair) and Committee Members of PMBHA Interim Committee