1, Parking issues for berth Holders.

Storage for ‘non annual berth holders’ boats that have remained for a long while on the “Hard Standing” have been increased to encourage those boats to move from the compound to increase the space capacity. Consequently , to date one boat

has been scrapped, one large boat removed,others have agreed to move which will in turn free more parking spaces during busy times and release space for winter storage.


2, Lack of Serviceable Trolleys.

10 new trolleys have been purchased and 15 new floats for the 15 older trollies.


3, Electric Supply in storage area is totally inadequate, lack of supply points which results in current ones over loaded and constantly tripping.

This is part of the “Business Plan” for 2023. Also installing vehicle electric charging points.


4, Speed limit in Marina area needs enforcing better.

There is going to be tightening on registrations. If any misbehaviour is reported to the marina just take note of the registration number and the Hafan will deal with it.

The marina staff will be monitoring the channel during busy times.


5, Policing of unauthorised boats being left on berth holders berths.

The marina will move unauthorised boats. If Berth Holders are aware of any, please report to the Marina. The vessel could be a bonafide visiting vessel. Notice of £100 fee will continue to be imposed for unauthorised vessels.


6, Reintroduction of the 50% revenue share of the Berth when holders are away for periods of time, especially now the marina is full.

This will be under consideration for next year.


7, Toilets and showers must be for berth holders only and not for fisherman or commercial operators…

If a fishing vessel is paying for a berth they are treated like any other boats in the marina.


8.Could the new fob system be installed on the laundrette door?

The marina is looking at this favourably and will investigate.


9.With the increase in the number of dogs on the marina and a lot of them not on a lead (as owners seem to ignore the signs) could the marina staff if they see offenders please  start requesting them to keep their dog on a lead whilst on the marina and in the car park.

Marina staff already do this and will be vigilant to enforce. Where there used to be a load of signs on the old gate, there is now only one “Your dogs must be on a lead.”


10.have only had a berth since April 1st but have been at the boat both weekends since for several days and evenings each time. Each time the Internet connection has been somewhere between "not very good" and "totally unusable" with web pages timing out, videos not loading and video calls stalling. This has all been happening while there have been hardly any cars in the car park, and I believe the occupancy rate of boats has been minimal. My berth is right next to a wifi antenna so that shouldn't be an issue.

Are there any plans to improve the Internet connection to the point there it can be relied on?


The wifi contractors for the “wifi” system are Criccieth TV.

As soon as you have a problem, then please inform the marina and they will inform Criccieth TV.

The marina are continually assessing and upgrading the system.