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June 2021 Newsletter


Dear PMBHA members,


Finally some good weather and good boating, great to see everyone at the marina. 


Your committee had a meeting with the marina management last week and so we have some news bulletins for you. 


  • Channel depth and reporting of problems

Dredging of the channel and marina by Royal Smalls is still scheduled for September. In the meantime however, bed levelling of the channel has been quite effective. The depths have been levelled to those shown on the tall depth gauges that can be seen at the entrance to the channel, halfway along and by the bridge. So if boaters check these as you are entering or leaving then it should give an accurate depth, enabling you to judge whether your boat will have sufficient draft. PMBHA have previously circulated a “grounding record” which is a form that can be used to record grounding incidents. The form is enclosed below and is also on the website. This should be submitted to the marina office (in person or emailed) by the boater, in the event of grounding. If the form is cumbersome to use, we suggest you email the information that it asks for, directly to the marina. Wil has asked that we do this, as the marina uses the data to help them keep an ongoing record of the state of the channel. Likewise, anyone with grounding problems in the marina basin should report them to the marina.   


  • Marina berth holder numbers

This is now standing at about 345 with more enquires still coming in. There are also quite a number of “visitor” boats coming to the marina.


  • Car parking

This is an issue on busy days, especially with marina occupancy so high. The marina is currently negotiating space for us in the car park on the front quay overlooking the Plas Heli pontoons. Hopefully the negotiations will be successful.  


  • Security upgrade

The work to replace the current card system is underway. Fobs will replace the cards and will operate the marina entry gate, shower and launderette doors, marina car park barrier and entry to the quay car park if this latter is agreed. The new system will allow fobs to be logged to berth holders, two per boat, and will therefore enable better security for everyone. If they are lost then they can be deleted. Visitors will be given a code number, specific for them, that will be deleted once they have left. The logistics of how to manage the changeover to the new system is yet to be decided.


  • Electrical car charging point

The marina management are looking into where electric car charging point(s) could be installed.


  • Trolleys

Some berth holders have commented that there are not always enough trolleys and some are difficult to get the coin in/out. Wil said they revolve the trolley stock, replacing old ones with new and repairing damaged coin holders. It would be helpful if boaters return them promptly and do not leave them on pontoons when they go out to sea. The marina will put a notice to this effect by the trolley park.


  • Defibrillator

We have been trying to get a defibrillator installed on the marina for some time. The nearest one at the moment is in Plas Heli but is not available 24/7. The marina management has been progressing this and hopes to have it in place later in the season.


Don’t forget to check out the website, all the news (and more) is there: https://www.pmbha.co.uk/


Happy boating everyone!


Best regards


Jenny Moss (Chair) and Committee Members of PMBHA Interim Committee