Dredging Update May 2018

Dear Members,


Following the severe storms which occurred in the early Spring this year, your Committee has had reservations on the adequacy of the annual dredging program to maintain a satisfactory entrance and approach channel to the marina. It is estimated that these storms deposited double the usual amount of material. 


When the land based dredging of the entrance was commissioned, it was known that various operational restrictions would prevent the clearance of all the material. Although it was hoped that the depth and width previously achieved would again be met.


At various meetings, including the PMBHA AGM Q&A forum, your Committee strongly expressed doubts and made its views known, ie that only a cutter suction dredger depositing the material on Glandon and Aberech beach would be successful. The  main sailing season has only just commenced and already a number of members are expressing concerns.


I have been in regular correspondence with the Maritime Office and a programme of dredging works has been proposed for the period ending April 2019 and both planning and practical work to achieve this has commenced on the programme as follows:

  • Crib Groyne reinstatement

  • Emptying of the stilling lagoon

  • Bed levelling of the channel (May/June 2018)

  • Dredging of the marina basin

  • Dredging of the harbour entrance using cutter suction method on to Glandon beach            

  • Removal of stockpile which is currently at maximum capacity

The "sledging" of the approach channel and hopefully the entrance, is imminent. This is intended to remove the high spots but is unlikely to impact greatly on the entrance width. A "Notice to Mariners" has been issued for this work and details are on the PMBHA Web Site.


It is very unlikely that more land based dredging can be undertaken this summer. The stockpile is full and material cannot be removed through the caravan park during the summer season.


If you have any specific concerns or have gone aground, would you please advise Wil Williams the Harbourmaster arbour   and identify the precise area of your problem.


Whilst the PMBHA cannot improve your access to and from your berths, I hope you have a better understanding of the problems that prevail.


Dave Dewsbury   Chairman