Correspondence below between PMBHA and Barry Davies, Maritime Officer concerning pricing and other issues relating to Hafan services whilst special measures are in place due to C-19.  Further clarification exchanges took place between PMBHA's first email below and Barry Davies' final email also below.

From: Davies Barry
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2020, 08:21
To:  David Dewsbury 

Dear David,


Thank you for your e-mail for which I sincerely apologise for the delay in replying.


Of recent we have been inundated with requests for information as well as preparing for easing of restrictions next week.


I have requested that Wil provides you with details of any changes that may have been introduced of recent.


The C-19 situation would not be expected to incur any additional costs whatsoever on berth holders be these Council services or otherwise.


Although working practices may have been revised at Hafan and would be undertaken in a manner whereby risks are eliminated or significantly reduced this procedural change should not incur costs to the berth holder and it would be expected that our staff would remain to undertake all work involving our service at Hafan Pwllheli.


Cofion gorau,




Swyddog Morwrol

Maritime Officer


01758 704066

07831 212264




To: Barry Davies

From: Dave Dewsbury


11 June 2020





Thanks for our chat this morning about the excellent news that locals can now access their boats by prior arrangement.  As discussed, there are a few items on which I would appreciate clarification.  These are:


  • Your issued Notices suggest to me that a boat to be lifted out must be brought to and taken from the hoist by a marine contractor, rather than by either the Owner or being collected from the pontoon by Hafan staff.  This would obviously cause a potentially significant increase in costs to the Owner.  Is my interpretation correct?  Or is the Hafan prepared to undertake the whole collect, lift, launch and return  job as it previously did?

  • If a boat is to be held in the hoist for work such as anti-fouling or anode change, my interpretation of your Notices is that a marine contractor must undertake the work.  As you are permitting Owners to maintain their vessels, again by prior appointment, whilst on the marina, would you permit the Owners to work themselves on the vessels during "lift and hold"? Could lift and hold be overnight or over a weekend by prior arrangement, or is it of a fixed shorter duration?

  • Again, my interpretation of your Notices is that you are not offering to recover any boats into shore storage or launch any boats from shore storage.  Rather, "lift and hold" is all that is on offer.  Is my interpretation correct?

  • Is it possible please to have a breakdown of the detail of the services on offer and a price for each service?


Once again thank you for facilitating the Berth holders and I look forward to the Welsh Government clearing the way for greater access when you are able to do so safely.